Tangents Part Two

Before you know it, your thoughts have strayed off in some unpredictable direction. Something you’ve heard, read, seen, has sparked some idea and you say to yourself: “my mind has gone off on a tangent.” Again.
But is a tangent the line between two ideas or an idea in itself?
My thinking may be non-linear but wherever I’ve ended up, I’ve started somewhere. Every tangent has a starting point. The trick is to do be able to work backwards. You get this idea and by the time you write it down, you have forgotten where it came from.
Very often, there is some kind of incongruity that I’m observing. Something that sticks out as odd. A mis-perception of something that everyone around me doesn’t notice.
Maybe they’re not looking for the signs or maybe nothing untoward has actually happened. It doesn’t matter anyway because it’s just given me a launching point to go off on a tangent. An extrapolation of what just happened or an expansion of the perception towards trying to make sense out of it. What are the possibilities?
The fantasy starts to take shape.

2 thoughts on “Tangents Part Two”

  1. …and speaking of tangents , I hate stories where people mention the names of their pets. We don’t really care that your rabbit is named “Fish -Lips’. It’s not a compelling detail . In fact it’s sort of embarrassing for me to read it but nonetheless,……… I remember drinking out of that same glass at a time not -so -long – ago when I gazed out onto the lawn and saw Katie , Robert , Maddi and August (dogs) ,Stinky , Truffle ,Mushtai and Incubus (cats) , Claudius , Octavious and Calpurnia (geese) and Saturn and Lucy way in the background (donkeys). There were ducks and the guinea fowl as well but I didn’t know their names . All these fabulous beasts died one by one, some of causes considered natural so when I see the glass with the ladybug , it actually makes me sad sad sad. . There were also chickens but I mention them last because although they too have all passed into another incarnation, their memory has been somewhat usurped by five gorgeous beasts who would peck at your toes if you were sitting drinking out of that same glass at this very moment !!!!

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