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At the end of winter, new, strange, glints of light are catching my eye.

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It’s a twixt time. Transitioning between the grey, black atmosphere of true winter and the clear blue yellow light of spring.

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When you know, but can’t see, the maple sap is rising. The squirrels and birds seem to know. They are digging and beginning to sing.

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All I know is that the light is different. Will it take?

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The tricks that all these transitional states play upon one’s mind – as in the place between dreaming and waking, falling asleep.

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I see these glints in unusual places, like below in the corner of a kitchen window.

 Glints Winnett Mar 14 13_0036_resize

Not so much the usual sunsets and panoramas, but in the details of artificial objects like office building glass, hallways, a bit of flooring.

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My working class reflections of consciousness.


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Today’s Listening:

1. As If By Magic by Glenn Cardier fr: Stranger Than Fiction
2. Have You Met Miss Jones? by George Van Eps fr: Mellow Guitar
3. Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most by Betty Carter fr: The Audience
4. Bar Inglese by Marcos Valle fr: Jet-Samba

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