City Chickens, Country Chickens

City Chickens
city chickens_22_resize 2
Country Chickens
country chickens_0379
City Chickens are wired – right to the ground Country Chickens are wire-less, but well-grounded.
City Chickens live in Condos or Co-ops Country Chickens live in coops (no hyphen)
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Sideways City chickens have no room for a soul
country chickens_0121
Country chickens have souls and giblets


Oscar city chicks_0033 (3)

City chickens don’t taste very good

chickens buy happiness

Today’s Listening:

1. When Sly Calls by Michael Franks fr: Passion Fruit
2. Until the Real Thing Comes Along by Fats Waller
3. Ooh Child by Valerie Carter fr: Just a Stone’s Throw Away
4. I Will by Alison Krauss and Tony Furtado

2 thoughts on “City Chickens, Country Chickens”

    1. Thanks, Moira. I forgot to mention that the city chickens leave the ground a little cleaner than their country cousins. It’s a by-law.
      I don’t think Tony is related to Nellie. He is a friend of my old banjo teacher who almost got to play on a Nellie Furtado song. (Bela Fleck got the gig ’cause he was already in Vancouver).
      So much information! So much to know!

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